Hi, Since a couple of days I switched from bcache to lvmcache, running a Linux 3.17.7 kernel. I was surprised that it was so easy to setup lvmcache compared to bcache. :) The system is a hypervisor and NFS-server. The LV that is used by the NFS-server is 1TB, 35GB SSD cache is attached (1GB metadata).
If a function declared nodiscard or a function returning an enumeration or class declared nodiscard by value is called from a discarded-value expression other than a cast to void, the compiler is encouraged to issue a warning. Appears in a function declaration, enumeration declaration, or class declaration.
I am experiencing quite high latencies to my nvme (50-200ms) and the congestion controls in bcache seems to be kicking in. I am experimenting with turning off congestion control in bcache, and this seems to be having positive results for me at least. Also, as a side note: I try to keep discard off, on both bcache and filesystem. [[email protected] bcache]# bcache-super-show /dev/sdb1 sb.magic ok sb.first_sector 8 [match] sb.csum 93E3593CC63081FB [match] sb.version 3 [cache device] dev.label (empty) dev.uuid 1a1ee81b-d033-415a-8db0-1232508eb8d0 dev.sectors_per_block 1 dev.sectors_per_bucket 1024 dev.cache.first_sector 1024 dev.cache.cache_sectors 104856576 dev.cache.total ...
If bcache is not available in the kernel, a filesystem on the backing device is still available at an 8KiB Note that if your bcache is dirty (and you can't use it any more), you'll have to fsck your partition and...
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