e-book Info and Sales . We at ADB, Inc. realize that some people like to have their gaming materials in an electronic format. Currently we have the following materials available on Warehouse 23, Drive-Thru RPG, or Wargame Vault:
Polyversal is a new sci-fi mass combat miniatures system compatible with 6mm-15mm miniatures designed by Ken Whitehurst and published by Collins Epic Wargames. The Polyversal system works with miniatures you may already have in the 6mm-15mm range and includes access to Polyversal Arsenal, a powerful web-based app that allows you to quickly and ...
Aug 23, 2020 · Naturally, because this was the 2020s, the protests rapidly turned into riots—and, following the organized street violence of the past couple months—counter-riots as well. Seven died nationwide. OANN reported exclusively on the violence from left-wingers; Fox News mentioned right-wing violence, but not until the 8th paragraph of its lead story. 1968: SPI purchases S&T, begins publishing wargames. All counters are unmounted and games are sold in manila envelopes. March 1971: Beginning with Issue 26 of S&T, all counters are mounted, including those printed for sale with back issues of magazines.
7 x Counter Sheets with Over 600+ Counters, Measuring at .75 inch / 3/4ths and 2mm Thick. 130+ x Playing Cards 3.25” x 2.25” 1 x Color Module Book with 20 Scenarios. 1 x Core Game System v2.0 Manual. 11 x Doubled Sided Player-Aid Cards 11.0” x 17.0” 4 x Double Sided Player-Aid Cards 8.5” x 11” 3 x Single Sided Player-Aid Cards 8.5 ...
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