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Take ETH deposit as an example. Log in to with your Discord account, enter "Balance->ETH" page, click "Deposit", and you can see your exclusive ETH deposit address. Use your wallet to transfer ETH to this address. After a certain number of confirmations are reached, CCTip will credit the amount to your account.
(10-03-2017, 05:05 PM) watlady Wrote: I'd like a list of discord account tokens to use for my raiding tool, if you have a list please direct message me, thanks! You should make a fake-looking program and share it with friends and random people. Make them run it. Log into their account and keep spreading via others accounts. Sharing your authToken on the internet will give full access to your account! There are bots gathering credentials all over the internet. If you post your token by accident, LOGOUT from discord on that same browser you got that token imediately. Changing your password will make sure that you get logged out of every device.
It will allow them to invite your bot to their server. The bot's token is different though. Always keep the token a secret, as that is the equivalent to your bot's password. Anyone with the token can log in as your bot. After you authorize the bot for the server, it should then show up in the member list of the server as an offline user.
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