Copy the text from its actual source. Paste it into the provided field. Go to the ‘Done’ or ‘Submit’ option and tap/click on it. Get the fixed version of content now. You can use it multiple times. All those who’re tired of trying numerous tools for active or passive voice corrections have good news.
Mar 29, 2017 · If the publication allows you to occasionally update your bio according to the season, take advantage of the ability to customize it. A universal bio that you copy/paste everywhere is okay, but tailoring it to a specific scenario can help enhance it for a particular outlet. Here's how HubSpot's Lindsay Kolowich does that with her bio:
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It's a copy and pasted block of text usually posted on a message board to troll newer users and as an inside joke between older users. One thing about copypasta is that sometimes it feels good, but sometimes it feels bad. BTW, this wasn't a copy pasta, I just typed it out.
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