Nichrome vs Kanthal:Resistance wire describes the type of wire that we use in standard wattage vaping. These generally do not do temperature control very well, if at all. There are two major types of resistance wire used in virtually every application which are Kanthal and Nichrome wire. Nichrome (specifically Nichrome 80) is made from nickel and chromium blends. Kanthal is an iron-chromium ...
Kanthal Flow heater. A flow heater for clean gas flows up to 1100°C (2012°F) has been introduced to Kanthal's extensive product range. Due to its unique patented design and electrical heating system it gives very even gas outlet...
Say goodbye to tangles, oil, skin salts, and other debris or contaminants. Nichrome 90 is an alloy consisting of 90% Nickel, and 10% Chromium. It is ideally suited as a resistance wire heating alloy, with lower resistance than that of Nichrome 80 due to it's slightly higher nickel content. · Mounted on support rods: good heat radiation, heating elements can be easily replaced The technically solid dimensioning of each heating element and the use of high-quality Kanthal wire are important requirements for highest performance and efficiency. When it comes to exact calculation, ROHDE considers a low surface
Special Heater Using a Platinum Heating Element We can also manufacture heating elements using platinum or platinum alloy (platinum with 13% rhodium). Since platinum can be used up to temperatures of 3092ºF (1700ºC) even in air, hot air exceeding 1832°F (1000ºC) can be obtained if platinum is used for heating element of hot air heaters.
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