CUDA Surgical offers custom design, development, manufacturing, testing and regulatory services in the medical, dental and industrial fields and is also a leading global supplier of fiberoptic cables...
可以通过PlaidML Keras后端使用AMD GPU。 最快:PlaidML通常比流行的平台(例如TensorFlow CPU)快10倍(或更多),因为它支持所有GPU,独立于品牌和型号。 PlaidML加速了AMD,Intel,NVIDIA,ARM和嵌入式GPU上的深度学习。
Jan 14, 2019 · While the ROCm 2.0 stack was playing well with this OpenCL deep learning framework where as many other deep learning frameworks are catered towards NVIDIA's CUDA interfaces, the training performance in particular was very low out of the Radeon GPUs at least for VGG16 and VGG19. Jul 01, 2010 · The loading time decreased from 47 seconds to 13. They are both using SATA 6G and the X570 AMD build has a worse SSD (Kingston 250GB, vs the Z77s Samsung 250GB) So if you're still on the fence, remember the popular benchmarks all the Youtube channels use don't even scratch the surface of the real feeling of upgrading to Ryzen.
PlaidML 致力于跨平台开发部署的开源高性能深度学习框架,目前PlaidML支持Keras,OpenCL,Linux...
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